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Flying V-S Farm Maker's Podcast [S1Ep1] Shownotes

 Welcome gentlefolk to the Flying V-S farm Maker’s Podcast. You are listening to Season 1 Episode 1.  I am so very glad you could join me today. Please, pull up a chair and allow me to pour you a cup. 

{Water pouring}


Hello dear ones. My name is Ms. B- one of the makers on the Flying V-S Farm and the host of the Flying V-S Farm Maker’s Podcast. This podcast is an opportunity to share more of the creative side of our urban homestead. This includes projects related to gardening, farming, sewing, fiber arts- the list goes on.

Why do I call myself a maker? A maker is defined as a person that creates or produces something with their hands or tools. Many of my crafts are done with my hands and the tools which aid them and referring to myself as a maker encompasses all of them.  You will hear a little bit more about me later in the Spotlight segment.


As this is the inaugural episode of the podcast, I wanted to take a moment to share a little about the structure with you. In each episode, I will be sharing current & finished projects, books, tools, and other resources used in the creative arts here on the farm. Each episode will contain the following segments:

·       {Today’s Cup} I almost always have something nearby when I am working or Crafting- usually tea or infused water along with the occasion specialty drink.

·       {On the Farm} The goings on of the farm often have an impact on the creative projects in progress. This segment will be a short summary of what’s happening on the homestead.

·       {WIPS} aka works in progress. This is used to refer to projects which are currently being worked on.

·       {Finished} This segment will be for all the finished projects. And when I say finished, I mean finished.

·       {UFOs} UFOs are unfinished objects. They can often be see lurking in the corner of a craft room or closet. These projects are often abandoned for one reason or another.

·       {On the Mend} As a part of the old-fashioned mindset here on the farm, mending is a big part of the maker’s process. I try to keep things going for as long as possible. Projects in this segment can include clothing to fences and everything in between.

·       {Bookshelf} This may or may not be self-explanatory. I’ll be sharing a variety of the books used for the projects on the farm.

·       {Acquisitions} There are always things to be acquired for the creative. This segment will be a way to highlight new tools, books, stash enhancements, and more.

·       {Spotlight} My intention for this segment is to highlight other makers and creatives as well as places to purchase tools and materials.

Now, since that is settled, let’s move on to today’s episode. Stay tuned for a look at some of the fun projects from here on the farm.  

{Today’s Cup}

       Today I have a glass of water infused with Spearmint and Strawberries sitting beside me as I record the episode. In the warmer months, it important to stay hydrated and adding flavors to my water helps me to achieve that goal

{On the Farm}

·       Its August in the high desert which means it is hot! Recent week have seen quite a few days with triple digit temps up to 105. The result of these temperatures has prompted an adjustment to the way we work around the farm. Chores and outdoor projects are done as early in the day as is possible with plenty of crafting hours in the afternoon. Unfortunately, it has also prompted a slow down with the laying hens- I can’t blame them one bit. As the seasons change, so does the focus of the crafting. The kitchen garden is non-existent, and the front garden is hanging on in this heat.


·       Mums Sontag

o  I made a sontag for myself a couple of years ago. Mum really liked it and asked if I’d be willing to make her one. I agreed if she was willing to purchase the yarn. That way it was made from yarn she wanted to wear. I started this project last year and have put it aside for a longer period of time than was necessary. I am picking it back up in the hopes that I can finish it for her as the weather turns cooler.

o  I have completed the back/body and one of the sides. I am hoping to finish the second side soon.

·       Designing a 19th century inspired wardrobe for day wear.

o  I am working on creating pieces for my day-to-day wardrobe that are based on historical fashions. This is often referred to as historybounding. The patterns I am using are focused the mid to late Victorian period. I hope to add earlier decades as well in the future

§  I did a wardrobe inventory to see what I already have and what I want to add to it.

·       Eiley Orrum Bowers Chautauqua

o  Recently as a part of my living history palette, I have started my journey into Chautauqua presentations. My first character is Mrs. Eiley Orrum Bowers.  I am continuing to collect and organize research for a full script which I will present at some point in the future. Presently, I am volunteering as a docent at the mansion she and her husband built and called home near Virginia City, NV which has given me the most wonderful access to information about her and her life there. The curator at the mansion is a fount of knowledge.

o  As a part of my presentation, I am sketching and planning an outfit based on one of the few existing photos of her that I hope to complete by the time I do my first proper presentation with her.

·       2022 Planning Journal

o  I have really cone to enjoy the creative planning style combined with bullet journaling that I picked up a couple of years ago. I started out using a DIY creative style journal. However, over the past couple of months I have come to discover that I don’t interact with it as much as I would like to. I feel it is because of the constant having to create it all from scratch each month and then keep up with the planning. I have had dated planners in the past which I incorporated the creative and bullet journal styles into and decided to do use this method once again. I found a planner from the company The Happy Planner. This planner is their dashboard style which will allow me to plan as I like to and add stickers, stamps, and other creative elements. It really is the best of both worlds. It is also and 18-month planner which will allow me to finish out 2022 and move right into 2023.

·       Pickles

o  Even though we didn’t have a kitchen garden this year, we can still support our local producers at the farmer’s market. We bought pickling cucumbers, onions and garlic. The first batch of pickles were bread an butter pickles, which included the sliced onions. Then we moved onto sliced dills which were made specifically for putting on hamburgers and sandwiches. Up next will be garlic dill pickle spears for snacking.


·       Glengarry Cap (TSA-554)


I have always wanted to make this style of cap. They are based on Scottish dress uniforms. This was my first go at hat making. Again, not as intimidating as I thought it might be! This mock-up will be working towards one that will be included in my Chautauqua costume as she originally hailed from Scotland. The color combination of this mock-up is so lovely, and I really enjoy the details. 



·       Self-Drafted Skirt Mock-up & finished skirts.

o  I was so intimidated by the idea of self drafting a pattern. I came across a great tutorial by Rebecca from Pocket fFull of Posey’s on YouTube. Watching her video took the fear out of the drafting process. I enjoyed making the skirt and the muslin mock-up has become a staple in my wardrobe and it has become my daily casual farm skirt. I hope to put a more detailed post about the construction process up on the blog soon. In the process, the skirt has been mended many times since finishing it. I’ve made three additional skirts in so far and have plans to make many more.

§  The first skirt I made from a red and gold floral fabric that I picked up from a dear friend who passed away last year. I originally made the skirt in honor of her for the holidays. I want to add a pinafore front to the skirt for the holidays in 2022, which can be removed or added as it suits. 

·       While wearing the skirt, I came to realize that I hadn’t drafted the front panel correctly. I decided to go back and fix the pattern piece. I then recut the fabric and inserted the new panel. I kept the fabric from the original panel, using it to make the pinafore piece- which I am still trying to figure out.

This beautiful floral fabric came from a dear friend of mine.

The pleating detail on the back of the skirt

§  The second Skirt is a beautiful, polished cotton (or at least I think it is) with a purple and yellow pansy pattern on a black background. The fabric for this skirt was in my stash- I have no recollection of where it came from. I worked up fantastically and pairs nicely with my vintage velvet wide brimmed hat with a large pansy on top. I wore them in combination for Easter  2022. Just lovely. 

My Easter 2022 outfit minus the hat.


§  The third skirt in my wardrobe is a dark navy-blue cotton with tiny tan fleur-de-lies in a repeating pattern. The fabric for this skirt was also a stash mystery. It was originally in two larger pieces, which made up enough for the pattern. I was quite pleased with the result. As it happened, it matches the Glengarry cap I mentioned. 

·       Chemise and Drawers set (TSU-031 & TSU-020)

o  This set of “underthings” is my first attempt at making a wearable mockup out of a set of thrifted bed sheets, I enjoyed the slightly stressful process of figuring out what direction the pattern pieces needed to be cut out in order to make sure there was enough fabric. I even managed to make it so the waistband of the drawers is headed the same direction as the legs.

§  In addition to being worn as underthings, this set will function as lounge clothes when at home during the summer months. 


The detail of the pattern.



·       Guimpe Blouse (TSB-121)

o  This is another wearable mock-up I made. This blouse has a looser fit and is very comfortable. The only downside is that the bishop sleeves give it a bit of a pirate shirt vibe when worn with a dark skirt. I have found that wearing it with a vest or something on top is a little less pirate or renfair shirt. I have plans to make this bodice in other fabrics. 




·       Flying V-S Farm critters

o  While this project was from Christmas 2021, I still wanted to share them because they turned out so cute. These were stuffies I made times 8 for all the littles in my family as Christmas presents. They were extremely fun to make. I used scraps from the quilts Gran has made for the bodies and bits from my cabbage patch cut up as the stuffing. I will be making a few more in the future.

·       Culottes from Split Skirt Pattern (LMM #150)

o  Just before leaving to go to Baltimore on a business trip in July, I finished the mock-up and first pair of culottes pants using the split skirt pattern from Laughing Moon Mercantile. I am happy with the way these pants turned out. I made the second pair out a lightweight denim which was perfect for travelling. They were comfortable to wear on the plane and in the airport during long waiting periods. I also wore them with a camp shirt for a casual day whilst in Baltimore and on a boat tour of the Inner Harbor. I will have more on these pants in an upcoming project article on the blog. 


Secret Pants

Back detail




·                   Double Irish Chain Quilt

o  This UFO was started by Mum. I came across it when going through things that I had in storage. It is a double Irish chain pattern. The center part of the quilt was already finished. I added the outside borders to give it a bit more size. I was in the process of tying it when it came to a bit of a halt. I have half of it done but got distracted by other things and it has been languishing in the UFO bin ever since. I do have intentions to continue with it soon, possible finishing it for winter 2022.

{On the Mend}

·                   I have a basket on the shelf in the craft room that houses my small-ish pile of mending. Here are a few of the things that need mending:

o  Cotton and wool stockings- need holes patched

o  Cotton sweater- need to fix binding on neck

o  Petticoat- repair split seam.

o  Long chemise- restitch seams.


·                   1861 edition of Godey’s Lady’s Book Magazine

o  I was lucky enough to be able to pick this up off the internet. I have always wished to have at least one original copy of the magazine, let alone the entire year bound! This volume will be used for project inspiration as well as research.

·                   Outlander Knits pattern book!

o  This was a gift from my parents Christmas 2021. I have marked two or three patterns I want to try.



·       One of my not so recent acquisitions was a late 19th/ early 20th century hand cranked sewing machine. Her name is Florence, after the mother of the friend I purchased her from. The machine isn’t currently in working order, but I hope she will be sometime down the road.


I thought, since this is the first episode of the podcast, that I would take advantage of the Spotlight segment to introduce myself.

As I have mentioned before, I am Ms. B. While this is used as a pen name of sorts these days, it was a nickname given to me by my aunt that my family has used over the years. I live with my Gran on her acreage in the historic town of Carson City, the capital city of Nevada. This is high desert area, presents its own set of unique challenges, many of which impact my crafting process. I mean, who wants to stitch on a quilt or knit a wool garment when its 100F outside? Then again, I do it anyway.

I have a passion for sharing old and forgotten ways, primarily in the form of living history. I try to incorporate slow and simple practices into my daily life as well as my crafting. This means things take a little longer to finish sometimes. I enjoy giving life to old things by purchasing secondhand items and using what I have before buying new.

Now, this is a small farm after all, so what about the animals? I have a dog named Linus who pals around the farm with Gabe, Gran’s three-legged dog. The chickens and Bella, the goat, are his girls. Franklin is the tuxedo cat who steals pins out of projects and loves nothing more than to leave fur all over my projects. I’ve learned to embrace it as an accessory.


       Thank you for joining me for Season 1 Episode 1 of the Flying V-S Farm Maker’s Podcast. I hope you enjoyed your cup. Show notes for this episode can be found on the Flying V-S Farm blog. If you are interested in seeing more of the farm, you can follow us on the blog, YouTube, Instagram, or  Facebook. Be well gentlefolk.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

{Threads} Building a Wardrobe Inspired by History


“Put on your Sunday clothes when you feel down and out
Strut down the street and have your picture took
Dressed like a dream your spirits seem to turn about
That Sunday shine is a certain sign
That you feel as fine as you look!”

-Lyrics from Hello Dolly


How we dress gives others a peek into who we are or even who we want to be. Whether it is a pair of denim jeans with a t-shirt or historically inspired fashion- our clothes speak volumes. When we choose our clothing, it gives us an opportunity to say something and make a choice about what parts of ourselves we share. I have recently been going through a seemingly slow transition in the way I dress. I am now taking the next steps to owning the wardrobe I have in mind.

At first, I contemplated going all out when it comes to wearing fashions inspired by history. As I searched and planned, it became clearer that for daily wear, I was unsure about dedicating my entire wardrobe to a specific period in history. I briefly considered giving up on the prospect. Then a costumer by the name of Morgan Donner came to the rescue. She posted a video on her YouTube channel explaining the concept of history bounding- a method of blending the fashions of history with the present day with as much or as little historical inspiration as one desires. This concept stemmed from the idea that became popular at Disney resorts called Disney Bounding. (Adults are not allowed to dress in the full costumes of the characters in the park, so a movement was born that takes color schemes and translates them into “normal” outfits.) I began to wonder if this might be a more reasonable route to including the fashions and even silhouettes of the past allowing them to exist in the present day.

        Over the past several years, I have ceased wearing trousers and the like. The only exception was breaking out my borrowed woolen military trousers, which were a part of a previous project no longer in progress, to wear this winter in about a foot and a half of snow. At this point in time, my typical daily dress has consisted of blouse and skirt combinations with Victorian underpinnings concealed underneath. This style has served me well- and has even become a signature for me.  Most of what I have been planning includes this.

        With a clearer vision, I started dreaming up ideas for this new concept.  I knew I wanted to have a mix of historically based pieces which could be mixed and matched to create daily outfits. Some of the styles will be made a bit more modern simply by the fabric choices.  I knew I would need patterns for some of the pieces. I had previously purchased mid-Victorian patterns including several bodice styles, skirts/petticoats, a winter jacket (known as a paletot), and the underpinnings. I am also trying my hand at doing some pattern drafting- eek! In addition to the patterns, I have spent a fair number of hours perusing the internet for ideas- extant dresses, publications from various 19th and early 20th century decades and looking through the library of research books I inherited from my mother. I was privileged to be able to purchase a 12-month, bound copy of Godey’s Lady’s Magazine from the year 1861. I will continue to do research and apply it to the conceptual side of my wardrobe.

          In addition to making wearable clothing pieces inspired by history, I will also be including a few snippets of my making period outfits for living history purposes. These outfits will include aspects that are as period correct as possible for the eras I need and pieces that can also translate into my daily wardrobe. I will not be calling them costumes since they are simply the clothes I wear.

As I embark on this little adventure, I will be documenting it in an ongoing blog series which I have labeled as {Threads}. The posts in this series will cover everything from sewing achievements & mishaps, construction updates, design progress, to finished pieces. I will also be sharing some of my research throughout the series as well. If you are interested in seeing some of my inspiration, you can view my {Threads} Pinterest board here. I hope you will join me on this adventure dear friend.